Software Usage Protocol

Distinguished users, thank you for using the Internet-based or mobile network-related services provided by Guangzhou Bolassim Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") through its CCR digital currency intelligent trading robot software (hereinafter referred to as "this software"). This agreement is a software usage agreement between the user and the company.

Article 1. The instructions for the use of this software and the confirmation and acceptance of the relevant terms and conditions

1.1 The company provides users with Internet information and other services through the Internet according to law.

1.2 The service of this software is provided through the Internet. Therefore, users must:

1.2.1 Self-equipped with the necessary equipment for Internet access, including personal computers, modems or other necessary Internet access devices;

1.2.2 The network fees and other related fees related to this service paid by individuals on the Internet are borne by themselves.

1.3 Users are willing to accept any advertisement and other business information sent by email, short message, etc.

1.4 The ownership and operation rights of all electronic services of this software belong to our company. Only when the user agrees to all the terms and conditions of the registration agreement and completes the registration procedure can he become an official user of the software. User's confirmation: The terms of this Agreement are contracts dealing with the rights and obligations of both parties, which are always valid. If there are other mandatory provisions in the law or special agreements between the two parties, the provisions of this Agreement shall be followed.

1.5 If a user clicks and agrees to this agreement, it shall be deemed that the user confirms that he has the right and behavior ability to enjoy the software service and can independently assume legal responsibility.

1.6 The Company reserves the right to decide independently on denial of service, closure of user accounts, removal or editing within the limits permitted by the laws in force in the Mainland of the People's Republic of China.

Article 2 User Registration

2.1 Registration Qualifications

Users are guaranteed to be natural or legal persons with full civil capacity or other organizations with legitimate business qualifications when they complete the registration procedure and actually use the service. If the user does not qualify as the subject mentioned above, the user and the guardian of the user shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom, and the company has the right to cancel (permanently freeze) the account of the user and claim compensation from the user and the guardian of the user. Users should provide real information when registering and authenticate their names in the background.

2.2 Purpose of registration

Users guarantee that user registration is not for the purpose of violating laws and regulations or disrupting the Internet order provided by this software network.

2.3 Registration Data

2.3.1 Users agree to provide authentic identity information (including name, gender, etc.), effective unit information (including Department information, building address information, etc.), effective e-mail, effective communication information and other information according to the requirements of user registration page. Users should ensure the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of all information provided. If the user's registration information changes, it should be updated in a timely manner. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate and not detailed, the user shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom, and the company reserves the right to terminate the user's use of the company's services.

2.3.2 Users who provide the necessary information for registration legally, completely and effectively have the right to obtain the account and password of the software. The account and password are used for users to login in this software. Users can change the password of users according to the provisions of this software. Users should be careful and reasonable to save and use their usernames and passwords. If users find any illegal use of user accounts or security vulnerabilities, please immediately notify the software and report to the public security organs.

2.3.3 Users are responsible for the security of their accounts and passwords, and for the actions they perform through them. Accounts and passwords shall not be transferred, donated or inherited in any way except for property rights and interests related to accounts, unless there are legal provisions or judicial decisions and with the consent of this software. If the user finds that anyone misuses the account or any other situation that may endanger the security of the account, the user shall immediately notify the software staff in an effective manner and request the suspension of relevant services. The user understands that it takes reasonable time for the software to act on the user's request. The software is not liable for any consequences (including, but not limited to, any loss of the user) that have occurred before the action is taken.

2.3.4 Users shall not lend the account registered with this software to others for use, otherwise users shall bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom and bear joint and several liabilities with the actual users.

2.3.5 When the software or the corresponding system is overhauled, maintained or upgraded in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, the user may lose, damage or leak the user's registration information, account information or transaction information. The user understands this and does not require the software to assume responsibility.

2.3.6 Users agree that the company has the right to send investment and loan information to registered users of this software by mail, short message and telephone.

2.3.7 The user agrees that the company has the right to use the user's registration information, username, password and other information to log into the user's registered account for evidence preservation, including, but not limited to, notarization, witness, etc.

Article 3 User Services

This software for CCR products, provide safe, stable, fast software system services, users through this software for virtual currency quantitative transactions, this software for users to provide services in accordance with the provisions of this software to collect annual fees.

3.1 Service Content

3.1.1 Users need to fill in the information of the exchange account (the key of the exchange API, etc.) which they need to operate.

3.1.2 Through analysis and calculation, this software provides strategies for users to choose and operate.

3.2 Risk Tips

3.2.1 Profit: This software does not promise any profit to users, it is only a supplementary tool, not a financial product; if salesman or distributor promises to users, please report back to the official.

3.2.2 Risk: This software is an assistant tool. Users recognize the investment risk and are obliged to understand the principle of the software and bear the risk of investment transaction by themselves. If the salesman or distributor assures the user that there is no risk and exaggerates the effect of the product, the user should report back to the official.

3.2.3 External uncontrollable factors: External uncontrollable factors include but are not limited to: (1) Policy, law, regulatory changes can lead to the normal operation of the services provided by this software; (2) Exchange problems (including exchange server problems, exchange regulatory impact, exchange mismanagement, exchange fraud, exchange hacker attacks, etc.); (3) Server failure Stability, virus attacks, network anomalies and other issues. The user knows and understands the loss of user's funds caused by such factors, and promises to bear the risk without requiring the company to make corresponding compensation.

3.2.4 The company is exempt from liability for transaction losses caused by improper use of the software by individual users.

3.2.5 If the company's fault in providing software services results in user losses, the compensation amount of the company is limited to the service fee charged by the company. Because the company can not predict the loss of users at the time of signing this agreement; if the loss of users may be greater than the compensation limit, the user should inform the company in writing before signing this agreement, and determine the service price according to the size of the risk.

3.3 Training and Learning

The company publishes the use of this software and its tutorials through its website, public number and other official channels. Users have the obligation to learn. If the user fails to learn accordingly and uses improperly, the company will be exempted from this responsibility.

3.4 Expense Payment

This software collects annual fees for the services provided by users according to the provisions of this software. Users pay in accordance with the official payment channel in this software (if the user pays in the unofficial channel, thus causing losses, the company is exempt from liability). Once the fee has been paid, the user may not ask for a refund. However, if the user considers that the product provided by this software is not suitable for the user or difficult to learn to master the product, after consulting with the company, he may replace other products or equivalent products by making up the difference.

3.2 User Usage Rules

3.2.1 Users voluntarily authorize the company and the software to conduct related account transactions, understanding that the company and the software are only ancillary transactions, in addition to charging annual fees, there is no contact with the user's funds.

3.2.2 The user guarantees not to make commercial use of any data on this software, including but not limited to the use of the information displayed on this software in any way, such as copying, dissemination, etc., without prior authorization of the company.

3.2.3 Users are guaranteed not to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the software or any transactions or activities under way on the software without using any device, software or routine procedures. They shall not take any action that will cause unreasonable huge data load to be imposed on the network equipment of the software.

3.2.4 The user guarantees that all information published or uploaded in the software conforms to the provisions of the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China; if the user violates the law and causes the software to be claimed by a third party, the user shall compensate the software in full (including but not limited to various compensation fees, litigation agency fees and other reasonable expenses incurred for this purpose).

3.2.5 This software retains the right to delete all kinds of information content that does not conform to legal policies or is not true without notifying users.

3.2.6 The user understands and agrees that the software has the right to unilaterally determine whether the above rules are violated or not, and to deal with or terminate the provision of services to the user according to the applicable rules of unilaterally determined results, without obtaining the user's consent or notifying the user in advance.

Article 4 Articles on Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

4.1 All intellectual achievements contained in this software include, but are not limited to, databases, software designs, words and graphs, software, photos, videos, music, sound and their combination. The intellectual property rights of software compilation, related source codes and software (including small applications and scripts) are owned by the company and protected by China and international copyright law.

4.2 Without the authorization of this software, no unit or individual may illegally copy, reproduce, quote, link, grab or otherwise use the information content of this software in whole or in part in any way. Otherwise, the company has the right to handle the title and investigate its civil and criminal legal liability.

4.3 The user's acceptance of this Agreement shall be deemed to be the copyright of any form of information published by the user on his own initiative in this software, including but not limited to: copyright, distribution right, lease right, exhibition right, performance right, projection right, broadcasting right, information network dissemination right, production right, adaptation right, translation right, compilation right and other transferable rights that shall be enjoyed by the copyright owner without compensation. The software is transferred to the owner of the software. The software has the right to sue independently for any subject's infringement and obtain full compensation.

4.4 Confidentiality clause

Users should strictly keep the company's business secrets known during the implementation of this agreement. The business secrets referred to in this Agreement include but are not limited to: (1) the mode of operation of the software; (2) all information and information provided and signed by the company or the software that the user contacts during the implementation of the agreement; (3) any new information, new documents and other confidential information concerning the company or the software generated during the implementation of the agreement, whether it is Written, oral, graphic, electronic or any other form of information. Users undertake not to intentionally or negligently divulge the business secrets of the Company and the Software, thereby impairing the Company's or the commercial reputation of the Software, and to ensure that the information will not be used for purposes other than the implementation or performance of their rights or obligations under this Agreement. The validity of this confidentiality clause shall not be terminated by the failure to establish, perform or terminate this Agreement. The term of confidentiality of this Secret Clause is permanent unless mandatory or authorized by the relevant government departments or judicial bodies to use or to decrypt such confidential information by the owner of the information.

Article 5 Privacy Provisions

5.1 This software respects and protects users'privacy. When users use the services provided by this software, the software will collect, use and share users' personal information in accordance with this privacy clause. This privacy clause includes the clause of collecting, storing, using, sharing and protecting user's personal information. This software hopes to clearly introduce to users the way the software handles user's personal information through this privacy clause. Therefore, this software suggests that users read this privacy clause completely to help users understand the way to protect their privacy rights.

5.2 If the user does not agree with any content of this privacy clause, the user shall immediately stop using the service of this software. When the user uses any service provided by the software, it means that the user has agreed to use and protect the user's personal information legally according to the privacy clause.

5.3 This privacy clause applies to all services provided by this software. This privacy clause applies to users'access to this software and related company platforms without independent privacy clauses and/or services provided by this software by landing relevant clients. In particular, this privacy clause does not apply to services provided to users by other third parties.

5.4 For the keys added by users, the software will be encrypted and saved, and the company will not disclose the keys to other third parties.

5.5 This software promises not to disclose or provide the registration information of a single user name to the third party and the private content stored in the software when users use the network services, except in the following cases: obtaining the user's permission before publishing or disclosing the relevant information; publishing or disclosing according to the provisions of laws or policies; and publishing or disclosing the goods or services to provide users In order to safeguard the interests of the public, the requirements of the public security organs or other relevant administrative departments of the state, and in accordance with other agreements of this agreement, the disclosure or disclosure shall be made.

5.6 The scope of application of privacy protection:

5.6.1 When the user registers the software account, the user provides the personal registration information according to the software requirements.

5.6.2 When users use the software service or visit the software web page, the software automatically receives and records the information on the user's browser and computer, including, but not limited to, the user's IP address, the type of browser, the language used, the date and time of access, the software and hardware characteristics information and the user's needs of the web page records, etc.

5.6.3 This software obtains user personal data from business partners through legal channels.

5.6.4 Users understand and agree that the following information does not apply to this privacy clause; Keyword information entered by users when using the search service provided by this software; The data collected by this software about users'transactions in this software, including but not limited to transaction information and evaluation details; Credit evaluation, violation of laws or rules of this software and the measures taken by this software to users.

5.7 This software attaches great importance to user's personal information security. This software promises that it will not provide users'information to other third parties unrelated to the service without the user's own permission or disclosure required by law. Users are also requested to properly maintain and maintain their personal information security. If the user is a minor, the user is advised to read the privacy clause carefully accompanied by the guardian, and use the service of the software or provide information to the software with the consent of the guardian.

Article 6 Force Majeure

6.1 This software shall not be liable for any damage caused by virus, system defects, user's actions or omissions to computer systems, telephone lines, hardware, software, program errors or other errors, failures or delays in computer transmission or network connection caused by the use of this software.

6.2 Under no circumstances shall this software fail due to normal maintenance of Internet equipment, failure of Internet connection, failure of computers, communications or other systems, power failure, strikes, riots, disastrous weather (such as fires, floods, storms, etc.), explosions, wars, government actions, orders of judicial administrative organs or inaction of third parties. Ability to fulfil or delay performance and assume responsibility.

Article 7 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

7.1 The laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China shall apply to the signing, implementation and interpretation of this Agreement. If there are no relevant provisions in the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, the commercial practices of the People's Republic of China shall apply.

7.2 If the relevant provisions of this Agreement violate the relevant provisions of the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China shall apply. If the relevant provisions of this Agreement violate the relevant business practices of the People's Republic of China, this Agreement shall still prevail.

7.3 If any dispute arises between the two parties over the content of this Agreement or its implementation, the two parties shall try to settle it amicably through consultation. If the consultation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the people's court with jurisdiction in the place where the company is located.

Article 8 Other

8.1 If any provision of this Agreement is wholly or partially invalid or ineffective for any reason, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.

8.2 The company respects the legitimate rights of users. This agreement and all kinds of rules and declarations issued on this software are all for better and more convenient service to users. According to the changes of national laws and regulations and the needs of software operation, the company has the right to amend the terms of this agreement from time to time. Once the revised agreement is published on this software, it will take effect and replace the original agreement. Users can log in and check the latest protocol at any time; users have the obligation to pay attention to and read the latest version of the protocol and software announcements from time to time. If the user does not agree with the updated agreement, he may and shall immediately stop accepting the services provided by the software in accordance with this agreement; if the user continues to use the services provided by the software, he or she shall be deemed to agree to the updated agreement. The company recommends that users read this Agreement and the announcement of this software before using this software. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed null and void or unenforceable for any reason, it shall be deemed separable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provision. The right of interpretation and revision of this agreement belongs to our company. The software welcomes comments and suggestions from users and all walks of life. We will accept and amend this Agreement and all kinds of rules of this software in good time.

8.3 When a user clicks the consent registration button on the software registration page and completes the registration procedure and obtains the corresponding account number and password, he or she is deemed to have reached the Software Use Agreement between the user and the company, and has reached all the agreements concerning the user's access to the software and the use of related services.